Chocolates and Its Hidden Treasures

Chocolates, rich in taste, rich in appearance, rich in history, and many hidden treasures to be discoverd.

For hundred of years, chocolates have been an integral part of the history of countless countries. Aside from being a currency (they were used as a type of money in the early days in trading, buying or selling), chocolates were also popularly known as indulgent drinks exclusive and available only to royalty. The chocolate drink was once luxurious, classy and exclusive to noble men in the elite class.

Today, people from all over the world enjoy chocolates. In fact, there are so many different types of chocolate on the market, that we are literally ‘spoilt for choice’.

Though chocolates still continue to play an essential role in many cultures, they are no longer merely used as a flavor in usual chocolate bars or chocolate drinks. Today, there is an endless selection of products with chocolates such as ice creams with a wide assortment of chocolate flavors, cakes as well as candies.

Many people are turning to plain chocolate. Not only does plain chocolate have less sugar than other types, it also contains a high proportion of cocoa solids. Chocolate with high percentage of cocoa solids is smooth and of high quality.

Chocolates in solid form with milk added to make it creamier have become the milk chocolates that we just can’t resist to nibble! Milk chocolate – sweeter than plain chocolate because of its extra sugar, full cream milk and vanilla added – is the most popular chocolate. Children adore it.

Then there is white chocolate, which contains only cocoa butter, milk, sugar and vanilla.

Then there are chocolate drops that can be used as a decoration on cakes or as an ingredient in the popular chocolate brownie cakes.

Don’t forget about the ‘chocolate fountains’. With the melted chocolate continually flowing like a colored waterfall, it is always a eye-catching image for a special occasion. Children love to dip marshmallows, strawberries and other small fruits, into the ‘fountain’.

How about chocolate for the diabetic? The diabetic are often complain about how restricted their diet is. But no more. Diabetic chocolate is on sale in various outlets, and has a lower percentage of sugar than other chocolate.

Apart from chocolates and bars of chocolate, we can also buy chocolate flakes, these contain both cocoa butter and vegetable oil.

The next time you take hold of a bar of chocolate or drink a cup of chocolate beverage, you will feel more satisfied to know that the chocolates you are enjoying at present were once limited to the nobilities and royalties alone!